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Introducing the Michigan Soccer Magazine's Tryout Guide Edition (Spring 2015) 



Premium Ad positions are available. Click here for details.


Oversized Ads (available on Full-Page ads only). Allows your ad to “bleed” off the edge of the page and there will be no header or footer. Ads should be created to 8” x 10.75” plus .125” of bleed all around. Otherwise, normal full page ads are 7 x 9.75.


eZine Upgrade: This is an interactive electronic publication that will be available at www.michigansoccermagazine.com and on MSYSA’s FaceBook page up to 2 weeks before the printed magazine is mailed. This electronic magazine has the capability of embedding links for website content/email address/videos and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets for viewing on the go.



Ad Specifications for 2015 Spring Tryout Guide are:


Ad size

 Standard Dimensions

Oversized Dimensions

Embedded Links Included

Full Page

7 x 9.75

8 x 10.75 + .125 Bleed


2 Page Spread

14 x 9.75

16 X 10.75 + .125 Bleed


Multipage Ad (each page)

7 x 9.75

8 x 10.75 + .125 Bleed

3 ea

Half Page

7 x 4.75



InDesign templates are available for download below. Ads not submitted to the above specifications may be subject to additional charges.


All ads must be submitted by April 6th, 2015 for inclusion in this edition. The eZine will be published on Monday, May 1st, 2015 and will be available for direct viewing at http://michigansoccermagazine.com.


MSYSA Ad Store Support Service:


The MSYSA Ad Store now has a new dedicated support line to handle all of your support requests related ad placement in the Michigan Soccer magazine. We are available 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday at (630) 480-4890.


Please have the following information at hand when calling:

  • • Order number (if applicable). Your order number was emailed to you with your order.
  • • Check number (if applicable)
  • • Art file name (if applicable) 


If this is not an emergency, or if you wish to comment on the website, please contact us at msysa@alitho.com.



Full Page Template - Standard Dimensions.pdf

Full Page Template - Standard Dimensions.indd

Full Page Template - Oversized Dimensions.pdf

Full Page Template - Oversized Dimensions.indd

2 Page Spread - Standard Dimensions.pdf

2 Page Spread - Standard Dimensions.indd

2 Page Spread - Oversized Dimensions.pdf

2 Page Spread - Oversized Dimensions.indd

Multipage Ad - Standard Dimensions.pdf

Multipage Ad - Standard Dimensions.indd

Multipage Ad - Oversized Dimensions.pdf

Multipage Ad - Oversized Dimensions.indd

Half Page - Standard Dimensions.pdf

Half Page - Standard Dimensions.indd


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