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One-quarter page of eZine content (3.375" x 4.75")

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Add this to your cart to buy one quarter-page of eZine space for your camp, tournament, or organization. Remember, your advertising content can include web links and even video content (like you might post on Youtube). We ask that you upload one image, one optional video file, and describe any links you want included in your ad in the description box. See below for guidelines »

One-quarter page of eZine content (3.375" x 4.75")

Allowed file extensions to upload: .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .doc, .bmp, .psd, .ai

Allowed file extensions to upload: .flv, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .swf, .wmv

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About your ad:  The preferred format is PDF.  Other formats may produce a lower-res experience.  Your ad file should include everything you want shown on your ad with the exception of video.  This means any links, text, or graphical elements should be included in the single ad file you upload.  Your ad should be exactly 3.375" x 4.75".  Ads with big graphics, lots of color, and large text render better than more wordy ads with tiny graphics.

Template: Quarter Page-Download

About links:  Any obvious link (such as www.example.com or example.com) in your ad will be automatically converted into a link by our system.  If you want graphical elements of your ad (such as your organization's Facebook icon) to link, you must provide the link address to us. 

About video:  Keep your video uploads to below 25MB.  We cannot directly embed YouTube videos (our system requires the video to be uploaded for licensing purposes).  Indicate where you want the video to be placed on your ad, or include an outline in your ad that says "Place My Video Here".

Legal disclaimer:  By uploading a video to our system for the purposes of publication, you imply that you have the legal authority to do so, and accept full legal responsibility when doing so.  Neither American Litho nor the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association or its affiliates will be held responsible for violations of copyright over any material uploaded to this system for the purposes of publication.